Our work speaks for itself, but from time-to-time, our website visitors are looking for a little more information or have a question that wasn’t answered on our website. This page is dedicated to answering those questions that seem to come up more often than others.

How do you help clients envision what they truly want for their space?

With a design background, D&D can help you design custom solutions to help the decision making process go smoother. Using 3D software to aide in planning your project, we can show you at the outset how the polished final product will look.

Does your company handle all aspects of the project?

As well as being licensed carpenters, D&D have access to the finest trade’s people to attend to all of your construction needs. We will personally oversee the project from beginning to end.

Does your company only focus on large projects?

We break down your project into smaller more attainable goals. Whether it’s something easily achievable, (such as finishing a basement or adding a deck) or a more complex multi-faceted project, we focus on completing each item to the highest level possible.