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Mind Mapping your way through a renovation

Do you remember Mind Mapping from grade school? It’s where you would take a blank page and write a word or idea in the middle.  Circle it and draw lines out from it like how you drew a sun as a kid. At the end of each of those lines you write another word or…

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The Concierge Contractor, It’s a Matter of Trust

The Concierge Contractor It’s a matter of trust Being a contractor who does mainly remodel work is a very weird experience.  I am constantly meeting new people, and being invited into their homes to see how I can help them improve their space.  I get to see the best and worst parts of their home.…

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Shadows and Lines, The “Why” of Mouldings

Something has happened when it comes to the decorative trim in the last 50 years of homebuilding. Something is missing in our understanding of the “Why” of trim. In a lot of the new homes that are being built, Builders seem to follow a simple philosophy of why trim is installed in the first place.…

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