Mind Mapping your way through a renovation

Do you remember Mind Mapping from grade school?

It’s where you would take a blank page and write a word or idea in the middle.  Circle it and draw lines out from it like how you drew a sun as a kid. At the end of each of those lines you write another word or idea that you think of when looking at the circled word.  

What you didn’t realize then is that it’s still a great way to solve any problem.  

I used it in essay writing in high school.  I used it to solve Visual problems in College. 

I use it today to solve design and building problems for renovations and custom cabinets.  

Then it was a poetry lesson, or historical figure. In art school it was Key words from newspaper and magazine articles that have a visual component.  Now it’s parts of a wall or floor assembly, or how to fasten a floating cabinet.  

During a renovation there are a lot of moving parts.  Literally and figuratively. Lots of design choices to be made, sub trades to organize and oversee.  Each moving part will have an issue arise, and when that happens I get a phone call or e-mail. I need to be quick on my feet or be able to come up with a solution soon.  I always revert back to the classic mind map. It allows you to get the ideas moving.

One thing you probably haven’t thought about is that words and images are linked.  When you say or read a word, an image pops up in your head. In my job I have to visualize what the projects are going to look like at each stage.  I have to “see” in my head how each stage of the game will affect the other. So when we are framing a bathroom I can already visualize the tile layout.  So when the plumber calls with an issue, I can come up with a solution and know how it will affect the final design. 

One of the most powerful tricks with mind mapping is once you start, your brain will continue even when you are doing something else.  I start out writing the problem or issue down and if I don’t come up with a solution right away I work on something else and eventually whether it’s in my truck later or sometimes in the middle of the night your brain will come up with a solution. 

Use mind mapping when you are planning your next home renovation or custom feature project.  Start with what you want in the centre, ( new bathroom, kitchen, cabinet, or trim upgrade). Look online and find pictures that inspire you.  They don’t have to be specific. They can be of a colour, a piece of artwork or a piece of clothing that will inspire the final look. Find pictures of things you like.  Save them or print them out and add it to your map. This is exactly what a contractor like me loves to see when discussing your project. It helps define your tastes and lets me know which direction to take the project. Once you get to this stage contact me. Let me know how I can help you bring your mind map into reality.

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